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“ Couldn't be happier with the job these guys did. My kitchen is awesome!"

Rachel B.

Kitchen Remodeling Boulder

Welcome to Kitchen Remodeling Boulder where we make dreams come true. We are your contact for your kitchen remodel for the entire experience. This makes your remodeling much less confusing.

You will have the fun and exciting job to pick between material options. We will have options for flooring, cabinets, countertops, backsplash, sink, faucet, and lighting. Between all these options you will have a kitchen that takes your breath away.

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All Kitchen Remodeling Boulder

We bring you your Boulder kitchen remodeling with a smooth process and the best equipment. We have the best designs for your kitchen remodeling Boulder CO. If you have been looking for “kitchen remodel near me” you will be happy with us.

We are different from other kitchen remodeling companies for many reasons. Our clients appreciate the many aspects that the “kitchen contractors near me” they found here provide them with.

We have endless possibilities with designs and material options. With all these kitchen ideas we will put together something that works right for your style and function of your kitchen renovation.

Our goal is to get you a kitchen upgrade at the kitchen remodel cost that feels comfortable to you. We never want you to feel overwhelmed by the prices that we set.

Your kitchen remodeling contractor Boulder CO never compromises quality and durability. We give you the best products that we know you will be satisfied with.

We value your feedback and welcome it. This makes it much easier for us to serve those we work with better.

It is our mission as Kitchen Remodeling Boulder to give you an unforgettable experience. We work hard for our kitchen contractors to be the best in the industry. We have great reviews and take pride in our work.

We create the kitchen of your dreams with every person and every product involved.

Choose Our Remodeling Contractor

  • We will tweak any small thing until it meets your expectations
  • We are compassionate, professional, and creative
  • We are available and attentive to your desires

These are some of the many reasons clients in the past have chosen to work with us and why you should too. Give us a call today!

Our company offers the best customer service. We give you a positive experience even if issues come up.

Have you waited on getting an estimate because you have not wanted to pay for it? No need to worry. The estimates we offer you are free of charge. We give you a free consultation to go over the needs of your kitchen remodel project.

We have been helping clients for years to remodel their kitchen in the way that they want. We are very responsive to the desires you have and the vision you have in mind for the space you have in your kitchen.

We want you to share your experience with your friends and neighbors as you will have a positive uplifting experience. Many people have had negative experiences with kitchen remodels as it creates a lot of chaos in your home.

We keep the chaos at a low due to our incredible organization. We take the stress out of the construction site that your home becomes. There is still foot traffic and some dirt but the organization and the communication is kept to an all time high to keep your stress down.

Do you need kitchen ideas?

We have a team full of knowledgeable individuals. Dealing with unresponsive contractors can be very discouraging and frustrating. It is hard to live in a construction zone with a lot of noise, mess, and unknowns.

We have the utmost respect for you and your time. We value your opinion and desires. We always want you to feel comfortable telling us what you like and do not like. No matter what, we want to know how you want your materials.

We will discuss the entire kitchen renovation cost with you when we give you the estimate. Each part of your kitchen remodeling cost we break down. This is so that you can see where your money is going in each part of the remodel.

We start installation once we have the design layout you have confirmed and the materials picked out for each part of your kitchen. We will collect all the materials so we are not waiting on parts to come in before we are able to finish your space.

We take apart any part of the kitchen you are not keeping. We then begin installation of the new and improved product and materials! We move and appliances and place them where they will now go.

The Services We Offer

We offer flooring, cabinets, and countertops in all types of colors and styles. There are many different style options for a kitchen and we can tailor your kitchen to your desires. Our other service we are able to customize to your kitchen and to the way you like. Your lighting, sink, and backsplash will be everything you have imagined.


Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets have the availability to give you much more space for storage. We can do cabinets up to your ceiling to create the visual of taller ceilings.

We can install brand new cabinets which will save on time, but take away from the wallet.

We can also refinish your existing cabinets or only switch out the cabinet fronts. This will take more time but will save you a lot of money.


Kitchen Countertops

Countertops offer you the peace of mind. You get this when you have countertops you can cut on, put hot things on and more without having to worry about them getting ruined.

The natural stone such as soapstone, granite, and concrete will offer this for you. Quartz is also a wonderful option.

Laminate countertops are a good option if you are wanting to save money on your countertops.


Kitchen Flooring

We recommend all our clients to install laminate, tile, or vinyl in the kitchen. If you are wanting it to last for a long time you will want flooring that is waterproof.

You also are going to want to make sure it will hold up well with the traffic that it will get. We can tie your flooring beautifully into the flooring throughout the rest of your home.


Kitchen Lighting

Do you love the look of under cabinet lighting? Do you love the look of nice pendants over an island?

We can give you both of those. We can change out your existing lighting. We can give you can lights that will lights up your kitchen. It will make it look bigger by not having lights hanging down all over.


Kitchen Backsplash

The backsplash you get will need a lot of consideration. You will need to think about the maintenance you want to have on the backsplash.

Natural stones will need to be sealed each year, while others need no maintenance at all. We can add a nice visual focal point in the kitchen through your backsplash.

If you want color somewhere in your kitchen, backsplash is a great place to put that without it becoming overwhelming in your kitchen.


Kitchen Sink And Faucet

Your sink can be in many different materials, and sizes. It can be a faucet that is removable, tall, and more functional.

The sink can be double sided or a single farmhouse style sink. We can show you many options and are happy to install whatever sink and faucet you love.

About Boulder CO

The beauty of Boulder comes as our location is at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The population is an estimate of about 106,000. The states largest university, University of Colorado, is in Boulder.

The quality of life is great here at Boulder. We have mostly sunny days with mild winters. The majority of Boulder is white at 88%. We have a large young population because of the university students.

We take great care of our ecosystems. At times even park and hiking trails are closed to restore what has been lost in the ecosystems. We love to use goats as weed control here in Boulder.

There are many other local cities which include:

  • Longmont, CO
  • Lafayette, CO
  • Louisville, CO
  • Lyons, CO
  • Nederland, CO
  • Eldorado Springs, CO
  • Niwot, CO
  • Allenspark, CO
  • Rollinsville, CO
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to take care of for my Boulder kitchen remodeling?

You will need to take care of calling us to schedule a time with us. You will need to discover your style that you love. This will make it much easier when we come for your consultation. We will have a clear direction about what to do with your kitchen. You will need to have a budget or know how much you are wanting to spend. You budget and your priorities for your new kitchen remodeling will help a lot when we make the plans.

If I am doing a custom kitchens Boulder do I need to pick all the materials on my own?

No. We make your kitchen remodel the easiest process possible for you. We will provide you with product options so you do not have to go do all the research and searching. We have suppliers that have great materials that are quality and they are reliable. This takes a lot of time and stress out of designing and doing a kitchen remodel. You will love the help that we give.

Are small kitchen renovations worth doing?

Yes! Your small kitchens designs will open and brighten up your kitchen so much. We make designs for small kitchens to make the best use of your space. This will add much to the value of your house to have a nice new kitchen with great use of the space. It will look larger then it is because of the wonderful design. You will be grateful that you took the time and money to remodel your small kitchen.

What do I do to start planning my kitchen renovation Boulder?

Good news for you. All you need to do is give us a call. We will do the hard work for you. Our kitchen designers Boulder CO will create your design and you will only need to approve it. Your kitchen remodeling contractor Boulder CO will then give you the options for your materials after taking a look at your design. Your kitchen remodel will be up and running from then on.

What Our Clients Are Saying

When they finished our kitchen design Boulder they walked us through every product. They also walked us through every installation and what the cost for each item was. Their pricing is very fair and we are so happy with the job they did!

Anita G.

The Boulder kitchen remodeling contractors are amazing. They spend quality time on your design, and on finding the right materials. Our kitchen looks so beautiful!

Johnathan B.

We worked with them first to remodel only our countertops. We later on decided to remodel our entire kitchen. We kept the countertops they installed earlier. We have loved working with them. They did a great job dedicating their time on our project.

Spencer F.

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We have such great communication and many ideas for your kitchen design. We replace cabinets, flooring, backsplash, and more. Anything you would like remodeled in your kitchen we have the skills and experience to do.

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